Studio Musicians


  • Players from around the country
  • “Live” players vs. studio musicians…there is a difference!
    The nuances of playing in the studio are completely different than playing in a live situation. Session players understand the studio environment were every aspect of your sound can be put under a microscope. Great live players do not always make good session players and vice versa. Those musicians that can do both take a different approach when in the studio. Good session players get it done and get it done quickly with great results thus saving the customer time and money in the long run. If you want your project to sound like “The Real Thing” use session players!

    LIRCo has a network of players from around the country, we can match the best musicians to your style of music.

    We have several musicians capable of recording multiple parts. For example, a keyboard player can record drums, bass, piano, and organ, then you add guitars and vocals. This is great for giving your demos a full band sound on a budget.

  • Producers
  • Producer (Limited) Included: Our producers are available to provide assistance with basics like arranging and getting the most of your time during recording process. This can be particularly useful if you are new to the studio environment.

    Producer for hire: A producer helps take your project from concept to finished product. He or She serves as consultant outside of recording time and assists with charting, arranging, and most importantly getting the sound you want. A producer orchestrates the process allowing you to focus on the music and at the same time serves as extra set of eyes and ears when making critical decisions.

  • Facilitate off-site recording